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Vori, Phaistos, Crete

Nature, history and traditional way of living

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Phaistos Area, individual holidays

Situated between mountains and sea



About 60 km south from Heraklion in the western part of the Messara valley is the traditional village of Vori situated. The village stretches in a slope by the side of the river. The remains of the Minoan palace of Phaestos are situated 2 km to the south and the coast of the Messara 4 km to the west.

The main explanation of the name of the village goes back to the time that King Radamantis was ruling the Phaistos palace. His son got the name of Voros.

The Museum of Cretan Ethnology in Voroi (GR: Βώροι) is an institution of the Cultural Association of the Province of Messara. It was erected between 1977-1982 and opened its doors to the public in...
ceramics gergos papadakis, vori
Georgos Papadakis Ceramic Vori George Papadakis belongs to the new generation of pottery artists, continuing the thousand of years lasting development of the Greek tradition with careful and...

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