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Ethnology Museum

Entrance 3,-

Tel: +30 28920 91110

The Museum of Cretan Ethnology in Voroi (GR: Βώροι) is an institution of the Cultural Association of the Province of Messara. It was erected between 1977-1982 and opened its doors to the public in 1988.

The exhibited objects in the Museum come from all over Crete. These objects show that the folk culture of Crete is characterized by an amalgam of influences in which Minoan (2000-1000 BC), Archaic (1000-500 BC) and Byzantine models prevail, especially in agriculture, stock breeding, pottery and basketry. Through 700 years of occupation, the Cretan people never surrendered to foreign models. The last period of vassalage was particularly harsh (second Turkish occupation 1669-1898), which is why material evidence of preceding centuries is very scarce.

Most of the objects exhibited in the Museum date from the period of Turkish occupation. Their stark simplicity reflects the economic degradation. However the Byzantine tradition is preserved, wherever possible, as in the designs of traditional woven fabrics, in wood caving, architecture, and of course in music, dancing, singing and language.

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