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traditional villages, Crete

Holidays in the traditional Greek villages

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Vori, Phaistos, Crete

Nature, history and traditional way of living

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Phaistos Area, individual holidays

Situated between mountains and sea



ceramics gergos papadakis, vori

Visit the shop in Vori, close to the main square. You can learn about the production and buy uniquie souveniers  from 10,- Euro on.

Georgos Papadakis Ceramic Vori

George Papadakis belongs to the new generation of pottery artists, continuing the thousand of years lasting development of the Greek tradition with careful and balanced introduction of new elements. The plasticity of the shapes as well as the colouring techniques are of his own inspiration, the drawings and incisions are done by himself.

He has been a teacher to many of the young ceramists of today and created a social characteristic of his style  - ceramics of high quality and good design, ideal for daily or professional use. All products are 100% hand crafted and made for your kitchen and dining table, as flat plates, salad bowls, fruit bowls, breakfast bowls in many sizes, beautiful cups, goblets, wine glasses and jugs.

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