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Visit Phaistos
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Asterousia Tour

Asterousia Tour | Visit Phaistos

Start: Vori

Tour: Vori - Mires - Pombia - Pigaidakia - Platia Permata - Tsigounas - Gerokampos - Diskos - Agios Kirillos - Plora - Peri - Mires -Vori

Distance: 72.1 km

Cycling Time: 5:30

Elevation: 1,805 m


All day mountain tour for trained cyclists

Meeting point for this tour is Vori, from where we ride to Mires and from here we head towards Pombia and the Asterousia Mountains.   

After Pombia it goes up to almost 500m and we will enjoy the fantasic view from the peek, before we ride down hill to Platia Permata and make a rest at the beach. The next part will be the easiest one, along the coast, until we reach Diskos and climb up to Agios Kirillos, pass the hill towards Plora and then relax on the way back to Mires/ Vori, mostly downhill.

If you are interested in the tour and you want to be guided or you want to rent bicylces, please contact us.

(tour by ilias fokas)

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