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Holidays in the traditional Greek villages

Visit Phaistos

Nature, history and traditional way of living

Visit Phaistos

Situated between mountains and sea


Visit Phaistos

The Area of Phaistos – explore one of Crete’s stunning secrets  

Crete, an island where the sun is shining on more than 300 days a year, has got a lot of hidden secrets which are really worth to explore. One of those is the area of Phaistos with its famous ancient excavations like the “Minoan palace of Phaistos” or Gortys.

Accomodation in traditional villages

Within this area there are ancient and traditional settlements of original, old Cretan houses which have been lovingly restored and also modern houses with all amenities. The houses are built at the end of 1800 and the early years of 1900. Some of them in a really charming venetian way, influenced by venetian squatters during this period.

There are smaller houses and apartments available for two people, and larger ones up to 6 or 12 people. It is also possible for groups to stay in a whole little complex by their own. You spend your holidays in different houses or flats but live close by as neighbours in one small charming village by your own. 

Nature & archaeological sites

The villages Vori, Agios Ioannis, Sivas & Kamilari are located in the mesara plain, inbetween the foothills of the Psiloritis mountain in the West, the Asterousia Mountains in the East and the the long bay in the South. You find a wide range of olive groves, fruit plantations, canyons, beaches, archaelogical sites and monasteries which are really dreamlike.
It´s a perfect place to relax and also to explore. Make an exciting hike or cycling tour and get touched by these unique impressions.

You feel like getting back to your inner roots while staying there. It´s a fantastic and valuable experience to spend some time here, far away of the common tourism places. You can experience the power of the natural surrounding and the ancient influences.

The roots of the Phaistos Area are longing back to the former Minoan period in bronze age. Approximately from 2000 –1700 before Christ. The Minoan culture was very advanced as the archaeological excavations have revealed. Very huge palaces, advanced ports, creative designed and crafted jewellery made of gold, and a lot more. Today you still can admire the remains of this old and interesting culture in a museum located in Heraklion.

You can explore the archaeological sites of our area  by yourself or make a guided tour.

Explore your holiday adventure

You love nature, love to relax, love to take impressive pictures, to hike or to cycle? You are keen on archaeological history, want to explore a different, traditional way of lifestyle, want to live and stay very unique?Then this is definitely what you have been looking for!  Explore our accommodation offers in the villages and find you little hidden secret place to stay.

We also offer a wide range of activities like Jeep tours, hiking, cycling, diving, horse riding, photo excutsions and a lot more and guided tours for groups and individuals.

Feel free to contact us, so that we can help you to create your own very special and unique holiday experience.

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